The Importance of Being Nobody

Posted Feb 22, 2016 at 18:28. Revised Jul 15, 2019 at 07:17.

Being J.D. Nobody makes me a most important person. Indeed, millions of people quote me every day when they find themselves in a mess. The great beauty in being able to say “Nobody told me” is that no one can ever question you about whether it is true or false. You win either way when you quote me or pretend to quote me because it will be unclear to your listener whether the word “nobody” is a proper noun or just a convenient collective noun. Moreover, this tool which I am providing to the world is perfect for keeping honest lawyers honest.

The power I grant to you to quote me is unlimited, and it provides you with a “get out of jail free card” for use in any situation in which you have screwed up or are unjustly accused of screwing up.

Use this power wisely, and use it in full compliance with the creed of America’s one true state religion, embodied in the beliefs of The National Utilitarian Church. That simple and profound creed embodies our unswerving belief in pragmatism and nothing else.

Panic-filled pragmatism is the typical result of twenty-first-century complexity. Also, the more complexities people find in the world around them the more likely they are to seek too much simplification. The mission of The Complexity Trap and ScholarZero Publishing is to give you the cover you need to be able to say “Nobody told me” when someone challenges you. This response will be especially true when I, J.D. Nobody, have in fact told you something you don’t want to admit to knowing.

Now you can honestly say Nobody told me.

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Author: J.D. Nobody

The Complexity Traps Editor and content creator, J.D. Nobody, OC '61, posts to Complexity Traps based on military, financial, and software development experience. He explains the ways complexity devolves into simplicity and collapses under its own weight. The post The Importance of Being Nobody explains J.D. Nobody's role in complexity.

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