Oberlin’s Foxes Explain “The Gibson Henhouse Happenings”

Oberlin’s Foxes Explain “The Gibson Henhouse Happenings”

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The Oberlin College administration’s foxes made the above conference call to selected alumni to explain the college’s loss of a large lawsuit brought by Gibson’s Bakery. The story told by the fox (Oberlin College) appears to be accurate, but glibly incomplete. Please read the remarks below and post comments on how you feel about the foxes’ version of the “happenings” in the Gibson henhouse.

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This podcast is for Oberlin alumni only and should be kept confidential because its content is as embarrassing to the college as would be a guy making a public speech with his barn door open. BTW, the conference call material contained in this podcast had no copyright notice. JD Nobody, OC ’61, is making this conference call available to those who are interested but were unable to participate in the call.

A conference call is an uncommon venue for getting the word out to everyone since the only possible participants would be those alumni for whom the college has a current phone number or current email address. The college used no other known method to notify people. Content similar to that in this podcast was, however, made available to faculty, staff, and possibly to other selected persons. It appears that there was a conscious effort to minimize the number of people receiving this information even though the incident at Gibson’s and its subsequent snowballing legal mess was covered extensively in national media. In light of that, any effort to reduce the dissemination of this news is absurd.

Once the student protests were underway, the college made no clear and prominent disclaimer saying that the protesting students, as well as certain SJW college employees, were speaking as individuals and not speaking for the college. The average person would not understand this distinction unless it is pointed out. Moreover, had the college made this simple disclaimer firmly, early, and publicly, litigation against the college over any damage done by the protests would have been difficult.

Unfortunately, the police report on the shoplifting incident at Gibsons’ does not say what the SJWs would like it to say. Operating on the reasonable assumption that this police report was not falsified, the described incident is far more serious than just a generic shoplifting caper. The police report ambiguously states that someone threatened to kill someone. The bodycam footage clarifies that the threat was directed against Allyn Gibson as shown in the Oberlin town police bodycam video of the shoplifter’s arrest. The phone cast to the college alumni candy coats this shoplifting incident.

The Foxes’ FAQs on the Gibsons Bakery matter. Why these FAQs were published on legalinsurrection.com is unclear to JD Nobody. If the FAQs were published on Oberlin.edu or the Alumni Assn. website JD Nobody was unable to find them or determine why these seemingly more appropriate venues were not chosen.

By being JD Nobody I am performing a service to the college by enabling its foxes to speak truthfully when presenting their redacted version of what happened in Gibson’s henhouse. They only need to say “Nobody told us” when asked if they were familiar with the questions presented below…

The foxes love to speak in euphemisms. Now let’s see if we can parse some useful information out of what the foxes did NOT say about their great SNAFU. The foxes are in the clear because they can honestly say that Nobody raised the following considerations:

  • What were the college trustees doing to contain this growing firestorm while it was developing?

  • What was the administration doing to contain this growing firestorm while it was developing?

  • Do these two groups have any fiduciary duty to protect the assets and reputation of the college?

  • Does the apparent negligence by the above parties constitute a breach of fiduciary duty? If so, wouldn’t there be money from any bond or insurance carried by the trustees, either individually or collectively, to pay for some of the damages?

  • The foxes appear to be hiding behind freedom of speech as an excuse for not clearly repudiating the students’ behavior. Freedom of speech does NOT include a right to defame others or to sabotage their livelihood. In certain instances, case law allows a plaintiff to win a judgment even if the defamatory statements are true. For instance, if a defamer makes true statements about bad behavior happening far in the plaintiff’s past a court might rule that the currently well-behaved plaintiff was unfairly harmed by having events from much earlier in his life publicly flaunted.

  • Considering that Lorain County (the jurisdiction in which Oberlin resides) generally has no love lost for Oberlin’s ideas, why wasn’t there a change of venue to a jurisdiction where there might have been a less hostile jury pool?

  • Is the college administration and board of trustees living in such an elitist, cloistered disconnect that they did not realize the socio-political realities of what a Lorain County jury pool might look like?

  • Why wasn’t the jury told about the tort liability limits in Ohio law?

Flyer handed out by the protesting students, courtesy of LegalInsurrection.com:
The student protest flyer attacking Gibson's Bakery
Isn’t advocating that the Gibson’s livelihood be cut off vigilante justice? A request to the college’s legal counsel for a clearer and more accurate scan of this flyer was pointedly ignored.

Legal fee filings in the Gibson case

The attempted break-ins at the residences of David and Allyn Gibson: Why couldn’t the Oberlin police come up with any persons of interest in this matter? Oberlin is a small enough community that someone should have had at least a suspicion about who the robber(s) might have been. Nothing in this incident appears to be directly relevant to the trial, but it is quite a coincidence that there were attempted break-ins at two different Gibson homes on the same night. At a minimum, these incidents are part of the broader context stirring up the community.

Attempted break-in police report

The issues in the “Gibson Henhouse Happenings” incident are far more complex and multi-layered than they appear on the surface. Nearly everyone has a different version of what happened. Unfortunately, the “Gibson Henhouse Happenings” have become the source of additional ongoing rancor both in and between the college and town communities. There does not appear to be any mechanism on the horizon that can establish anything more than a nervous truce. For instance, the attempted break-ins at the Gibson residences have been spun several ways.

Now you can honestly say “Nobody told me.”

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